Tania Ost is an architect, designer and photographer based in Berlin. Her main interest is on communication, conceptual design, photographic series and practice based research – with all the related stories.

2003 –
Architecture, Design, Photography & Communication

2021 –

2019 – 2020
Public relations

2014 – 2018
Public relations, acquisition

2013 – 2014
Project assistant

2011 – 2014
Research assistant

2009 – 2010
Exhibition concept / New visitors centre Parlamentarium, Brussels

2008 – 2009
Communication design / Heinrich Hoffmann Summer 2009
Kulturamt, Frankfurt am Main

Concept, set design / Schweigen ist Gold
Director: Julian Köberer, Frankfurt am Main

Reportage / 175 Years of the University of art and design
Magazine Journal Frankfurt

Concept, set design / Marie Sophie
Director: Ariane Mayer, Offenbach am Main

Stage design
Atelier Hans Martin Scholder, Frankfurt am Main

2001 – 2005
Construction management / Staatstheater, Darmstadt

2000 – 2001
Plan / Gustav-von-Schmoller Berufsschule, Heilbronn


2010 –
Corporate design / Portfolios

2010 –
Photography / Portraits

Exhibition / Memory (7 Paare)

2011 – 2014
Text, photography, video / Memory (7 Paare)

Exhibition / OPEN OEUVRE – Tischleuchte Leuchttisch
Rundgang 2013, University of art and design, Offenbach am Main    

Newcomer Nominee 2013

Exhibition / Chiffre
Rundgang 2011, University of art and design, Offenbach am Main

Text, photography, graphic design, video / Chiffre / Design Diploma


Text, photography, graphic design / Poche O Point

Exhibition / Träume
Rundgang 2011, University of art and design, Offenbach am Main

Text, photography, graphic design / Diese Träume treiben mich weiter

2006 – 2007
Photography / Jahreszeiten

Illustration / Herbstlaub

Photography / Record Cover

Exhibition / Fifty Fifty
Technische Universität Darmstadt

Plan / Fifty Fifty / Architecture Diploma

Concept, plan / Wine merchant


Lecture / Perspektiven auf die Zukunft / Über den [Stellen-]Wert fotografischer Porträts in einem neuen Alltag
Museum für Angewandte Kunst, Frankfurt am Main

Lecture / BRIEFINGS – Long term portrait projects
Institut für Kunstpädagogik, Goethe Universität Frankfurt am Main

Symposium / HALT. Langzeitprojekte in der Porträtfotografie
University of art and design, Offenbach am Main

Lecture / Endstation Album
University of Fine Arts of Hamburg

Concept / Talk / Bernd Stiegler: Spuren, Elfen und andere Erscheinungen
University of art and design, Offenbach am Main

Lecture / Wetterlagen in der Porträtfotografie
Frankfurter Kunstverein

Symposium / Sammeln als institutionelle und künstlerische Praxis
University of art and design, Offenbach am Main

Concept / Talk / Susanne Holschbach: Fotografie und Künstlerische Forschung
University of art and design, Offenbach am Main

Lecture / Zwischenzeitlichtkeit
Annual Conference – Gesellschaft für Medienwissenschaft
Goethe Universität Frankfurt am Main


2003 –
Additional training / Communication, management, procurement

2011 – 2021
Research / Long term portrait project *

2004 – 2010
Studies / Diploma – Communication Design
University of art and design, Offenbach am Main

1997 – 2003
Studies / Diploma – Architecture
Technische Universität Darmstadt

European High School Diploma
European School of Karlsruhe
Long-term projects accompany a subject for a prolonged period of time, though its length must be defined in relation to the motif depicted. In comparison with other projects, which likewise take a long time, the passing time itself becomes a topic. My particular interest is in portrait photography.

Long-term projects in portrait photography range from authenticity to orchestration: Depending on the intention, the photographer initially chooses a rigid concept, or allows an open outcome. As such, some long-term projects come close to a strict academic study. Whether or not, over time, the photographer becomes closer to the person or the latter grows in confidence with regard to media – the facial expression always ranges from natural to posed.

Only the collected works, not individual photographs, represent the actual oeuvre: Whereas with works comprising a single piece the question of arrangement can arise, with series in general and long-term projects in particular it must be addressed. The volume often exceeds the scope of or space available for an exhibition, thus presenting the curator with the task of making a selection. For this reason the catalog, which otherwise appears as a side product of an exhibition and serves as documentation, enjoys a special position in long-term portrait photography projects. While catalogs for the most part only reproduce parts of exhibitions, vice versa exhibitions only reproduce sections of a long-term project. An illustrated book is the only appropriate place for the complete series. In some cases, books such as these often precede public display in an exhibition context. Though, in comparison with the time it took to compile the collection, leafing through the book takes just a moment, it gives the subject a befitting intimacy, especially as the series of photos corresponds with the subject’s chronological development – the aging of the person portrayed. Photographers are increasingly also portraying family and friends – as family members are mostly always available, whereas other models always need a fixed appointment. This also raises the question of the extent to which these illustrated books differ from family albums.

The observer has no memories of the person portrayed: Within the series he looks for changes, or the constant in change and, on the basis of the individual snapshots, the implied time, and his own experience of life, creates an in-between narrative.
Symposium / HALT. Langzeitprojekte in der Porträtfotografie
University of art and design, Offenbach am Main

Klaus Honnef, Bonn
Ein Gesicht macht noch kein Porträt.
Porträtfotografie im Licht ihrer wechselvollen Geschichte.

Walter Schels, Hamburg
Stufen des Lebens

Ulrike Schneider, Hannover
Serielle Strategien in der Porträtfotografie von August Sander bis Rineke Dijkstra

Seiichi Furuya, Graz

Judith Blume, Frankfurt am Main
»Buchgeschöpfe aus Grenzgebieten« oder: Was ist ein Album?

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